Track 01 : Diagnostic Pathology:

The 23nd European Pathology Congress offers a rich array of sessions and tracks, each dedicated to exploring distinct aspects of pathology and its pivotal impact on healthcare advancement. Participants can select from a breadth of topics, engaging in discussions tailored to their specific interests. Here are the prominent sessions and tracks featured at the congress:

Track 1: Diagnostic Pathology:

Diagnostic pathology is at the core of medical practice, playing a pivotal role in disease identification, prognosis, and treatment decisions. The Diagnostic Pathology delves deep into the latest advancements and techniques that empower pathologists to unravel the mysteries of diseases. This designed to enhance your understanding of diagnostic tools, methodologies, and the interpretation of results.

  • Histopathology: Examination of tissues to study the manifestations of disease.
  • Cytopathology: Study of individual cell changes to diagnose conditions.
  • Molecular Pathology: Analysis of molecules within organs, tissues, or bodily fluids to identify genetic and molecular alterations.
  • Clinical Pathology: Lab analysis of body fluids to diagnose and manage disease.
  • Hematopathology: Diagnosis and study of blood-related disorders and diseases.


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    Track 01 : Diagnostic Pathology: Conference Speakers

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