Track 10: Pathology in Clinical Practice:

Track 10: Pathology in Clinical Practice:

The Pathology in Clinical Practice track aims to integrate laboratory findings with patient care, highlighting pathology's role in diagnosis, treatment decisions, and overall patient management. Pathologists, clinicians, laboratory professionals, and healthcare administrators are invited to explore how pathology directly impacts clinical settings. Gain valuable insights into how pathology contributes to precise diagnosis, effective patient care, and advancements in medical practices.

  • Laboratory Management: Focuses on overseeing operations, staffing, quality control, and regulatory compliance within clinical pathology laboratories.
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation: Ensures adherence to standards and guidelines to maintain the accuracy and reliability of laboratory testing and reporting.
  • Reporting and Interpretation: Involves accurately conveying pathology findings to clinicians for informed treatment decisions and patient care.
  • Clinical Case Studies: Examines real-world patient cases to illustrate the role of pathology in diagnosing and managing diseases.
  • Pathology in Patient Care: Explores how pathology findings directly impact patient diagnosis, treatment planning, and overall healthcare outcomes.



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