Track 4: Infectious Disease Pathology :

Track 4: Infectious Disease Pathology :

The Infectious Disease Pathology focuses on the pivotal role of pathology in comprehending and addressing infectious diseases. It convenes pathologists, researchers, and healthcare professionals to investigate pathogen pathology, host responses, emerging infections, and advancements in diagnostics and treatments.

  • Microbiology: Focuses on the study of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and other microscopic organisms relevant to infectious diseases.
  • Virology: Examines viruses, their structure, replication mechanisms, and their role in causing infectious diseases.
  • Parasitology: Investigates parasitic organisms and their interactions with their hosts, studying diseases like malaria and parasitic infections.
  • Emerging Infections: Explores newly identified infectious diseases or the re-emergence of known infections with new epidemiological patterns.
  • Pathogen Identification and Characterization: Involves methods and technologies for identifying and understanding pathogens, crucial for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies in infectious disease pathology.


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