Track 9: Forensic Pathology:

Track 9: Forensic Pathology:

The Forensic Pathology track delves into the critical role of forensic pathology in investigating sudden and unnatural deaths. It provides insights into the methodologies, techniques, and challenges encountered by forensic pathologists. This track invites forensic pathologists, law enforcement professionals, legal experts, and researchers to explore the multifaceted aspects of forensic pathology. Gain knowledge about the investigative methods, technologies, and ethical and legal considerations that influence forensic practice.

  • Post-mortem Examination: Involves the thorough examination of deceased individuals to determine the cause and manner of death.
  • Forensic Autopsy: Detailed examination of the body to gather evidence for legal purposes, such as determining the cause of death in suspicious or criminal cases.
  • Medicolegal Investigations: Combines medical and legal expertise to investigate deaths, ensuring accurate documentation and interpretation of findings.
  • Mass Disaster Identification: Techniques for identifying victims of mass disasters through forensic methods, including DNA analysis and dental records.
  • Expert Witness Testimony: Involves providing professional opinions and interpretations in legal proceedings based on forensic evidence and findings.


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